Hey there, my name is Kat Hall. I'm a passionate gal looking to make a difference in the world with my music. I hope to inspire people to be true to who they are. I believe that when people follow their passion and work to improve themselves, they are making their community stronger.

I fell in love with reggae music when my sister joined a reggae band in Jax Beach when she was 15. After being exposed to the reggae lifestyle, I got on stage and became enamored with the feeling of performing.


When I started college at FSU, I started "Just Chameleons", which is what propelled my passion for music even further.

Today, my goal is to encourage Unified Diversity; to bring people together by celebrating how our differences make us a harmonious collective.

I hope that my music touches peoples' lives individually.

Thanks for checking out my page. If you want to book a show with me, don't hesitate to reach out.


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